Until recently, finding a comfortable and stylish belt was practically impossible. Stiff leathers, bulging buckles, bland colors.

Two cousins and friends, remembering those elastic belts from their childhood, set out to search for original elastic materials and, as a result, their Lara Moti elastic belts were born.

We specialize in combining elastic fabrics with warm, top-quality materials such as velvet, trimmings, etc. The result is an original, versatile and extremely comfortable belt.

Our customers can choose from the wide range of products in our catalogue, or they can design their own belt. The wide variety of patterns, finishes (smooth, marbled, etc.), buckles, colors and materials make for exclusive designs.

Over time, we have been expanding our range of products to include shoulder straps  for bags/briefcases,

What started out as a small project has grown and our products are available in a large selection of stores and cities.

We hope you like our products.