From Lara Moti we have opted for some proposals for the 2020 spring / summer season that stand out for their functional and aesthetic qualities, providing impeccable workmanship in multiple designs, motifs and colors.

Infinity of belt alternatives

The elastic belts of the new spring / summer 2020 collection will surprise you with the originality of their designs, their elegant styles and the great profusion of colors, also offering a wide variety of options for both women and men. All this, without losing sight of comfort, since we consider that a belt is not a mere accessory but an essential item due to its fastening function.

Our new unisex suspenders

Likewise, we are going to enrich our catalog of unisex elastic suspenders with new creations, which continue to be distinguished by their careful leather finishes and by incorporating functionalities such as dual-use closures, but which come with renewed ranges of motifs and colors.

Some suggestive possibilities in bag straps

Likewise, with our innovative bag straps we expand the customization opportunities for this very important accessory, giving you the possibility to enrich it with a more elegant, casual or sophisticated touch, depending on your personal tastes, the moment or the occasion.

You will soon see all these innovative proposals in our online catalog, where you can purchase any item you choose safely, easily and quickly thanks to a simple purchase procedure, which also allows you to pay by transfer or by debit and debit card of credit.